My Hair Care Regimen

I keep my hair on a semi-strict regimen.

The things that I do to my hair keep it healthy and growing, so why not stick to it right?

Here’s my regimen:

-Shampoo/clarify once a month w/

-Deep Condition atleast 2x weekly w/

– Co wash 2-3x a week (depending on hair style) w/ random cheapie conditioners like (i only detangle/comb my hair with a wide tooth on wet drenched w/ condish hair):

-Moisturize & seal my hair everyday w/ my moisturizing spritz. It’s a mixture a of glycerin, aussie moist conditioner, & water.

-I like to add oils to my deep conditioners, on my scalp, or use as a sealant.

I give my hair protein treatments every month or so w/

-Flat iron once every month or 2 months. I like to keep my hair AWAY from heat as much as possible. The flat iron and heat protectant products I use are (i like to use grapeseed oil as a heat protectant too):

-I ALWAYS/ONLY: comb hair with a wide tooth in the shower, brush hair w/ a boar bristle brush, sleep w/ a clean silk scarf, wear hair in protective styles 99% of the time, dust/trim my hair when I flat iron.

Thats about it 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Santana Maria

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