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“Aghhhh, My Hair Won’t Grow!”

November 4, 2010


…..That is what I’ve been hearing from so many women that ask me about hair care and growth. What they all have in common is excessive HEAT usage. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT: HAIR ALWAYS GROWSSS! THE PROBLEM IS RETAINING THAT GROWTH! What women fail to realize is all the damage that flat-irons and blow dryers cause. […]

Hair Update

October 11, 2010


June 2009 was the start of my healthy/natural hair care journey. Here I am now October 2010. My hair hasn’t been this long since I was in high school. All I want to do right now is cut I’ve revised my hair regimen for the fall/winter, which I will share later. What are you […]

My *New* Moisturizing Spritz

September 29, 2010


About a 2 weeks ago I ordered some 100% Shea Butter and I decided to add it to my moisturizing spritz.  I normally use my spritz to moisturize the hair area closest to my scalp or to just moisturize evenly all over my hair. After adding Shea Butter to the mix, I was completely enamored. […]

Shea Moisture Balancing Conditioner

September 13, 2010


Look what I got in the mail today guys! Thanks! I’ve been wanting to try Shea Moisture products for awhile now. Especially with all of the positive reviews I have seen on various blogs & hair boards. They are normally sold at Target. However, for some reason the Targets in San Diego don’t sell […]

Benefits Of Deep Conditioning

August 29, 2010


Deep conditioning treatments are a very important part of hair care and should be apart of your personal hair care regimen. Unlike daily conditioners which are good for hair maintenance and detangling, deep conditioners repair and heal damaged hair. For really curly, permed, straightened, lightened,or relaxed hair or if you blow dry/flat iron your hair […]

The Fine Art Of Protein & Moisture Balancing

August 23, 2010


I came across some info when I first started my hair care journey. What a great idea to pass it on to you guys right? Its an article that explains in depth about how to keep your hair’s protein/moisture balance right. Natural,Relaxed, Texlaxed, Short, Long, Wavy,etc, regardless of what texture of hair you have this […]

everybody has their hair story….here’s mine…PIC HEAVY!

August 5, 2010


As far back as I can remember, [as a child & teenager] my hair was never above shoulder length. My mother kept my sister and I on strict schedule. Every 2 weeks, we would get our hair washed, conditioned and pressed. I would beg her for a perm, but she never would give it to […]