Benefits Of Deep Conditioning

Posted on August 29, 2010


Deep conditioning treatments are a very important part of hair care and should be apart of your personal hair care regimen. Unlike daily conditioners which are good for hair maintenance and detangling, deep conditioners repair and heal damaged hair. For really curly, permed, straightened, lightened,or relaxed hair or if you blow dry/flat iron your hair every day, a deep conditioner is a must.

Deep Conditioners are vital for problem,heat damaged, and chemically treated hair. Heat and chemical treatments rob hair of much needed moisture and protein. Moisture and protein robbed hair is much more susceptible to unmanageability and breakage. With the first treatment, deep conditioners which are infused with oils, herbs, moisture and silk, wheat, and keratin protein can give you awesome results. For most people with normal hair deep conditioning a couple of times a month is recommended. However, the more damage your hair has, the more often you should deep condition. *Information taken from this website*

Deep conditioning should not be confused with daily conditioning. A restorative, repairing deep conditioning treatment is absolutely ESSENTIAL for healthy hair. Many people believe they are conditioning their hair sufficiently by using daily conditioner after each shampoo, but this is not always the case.

A daily conditioner is essential for maintaining healthy hair and should follow each shampoo. The cuticles of the hair are slightly raised or “opened” when you shampoo: This allows the shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the hair. A daily or “instant” conditioner will smooth down this raised cuticle as well as restore the hair to its proper pH balance. It also replenishes moisture to the hair’s exterior surface.

Deep conditioning, on the other hand, provides nutrients and essential protein to hair’s cortex (the center of each hair shaft).  In order for this to happen, you must use an external heat source. *Information taken from this website*

I typically DC my hair about 2x a week in a plastic cap for about an hour or so. I rotate between moisture & protein treatments. It helps with the health, strength, manageability, & helps me retain length. Adding oils like castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, honey, etc, always help give my my deep conditioner’s an extra umph. They add even more nutrients and vitamins to my hair and scalp.

How often do you DC your hair???

Thanks for reading guys 🙂

Santana Maria