everybody has their hair story….here’s mine…PIC HEAVY!

Posted on August 5, 2010


As far back as I can remember, [as a child & teenager] my hair was never above shoulder length. My mother kept my sister and I on strict schedule. Every 2 weeks, we would get our hair washed, conditioned and pressed. I would beg her for a perm, but she never would give it to me. Ugh, I used to hate her for that. I used to envy my sister and other girls I saw with gorgeous relaxed hair. I asked her not too long ago why she didn’t let me have one, she simply stated “you never needed one”. It wasn’t until 2005-2006 that my mother let me take care of my own hair. So let’s start this pic journey……

Feb 06′ I got my hair cut into layers and honey blond highlights.

You couldn’t tell me anything. I just knew I was the ISH..lol. Summer of 06′ I decided to go work at Cedar Point. For those readers, that live in or near ohio, know what I’m talking about. It’s only one of the BEST amusement parks in the country…lol

My Curly Poof

If I didn’t wear it like that, then I flat ironed it. After a few months there, I came back home and colored it AGAIN.

Before The Color

After the color

Yup…more of that honey blond color. I spent most of that year just letting it grow out.

While taking a few professional pictures to boot.

It grew considerably.

I would wash my hair every week and flat iron. Not to mention, I would curl it 4x’s a week. Bad bad business. My hair started breaking off like no other. I didn’t understand why.

By early 07′ the hair had to be chopped so my hair would look somewhat decent.

The New Cut

I actually liked my new cut. I really didn’t have much of a plan at this time. So I just let it grow.

The layers slowly grew. I was getting my SWANG back..lol

I was HOT.

In the summer of 07′ I left for the military. The Navy to be exact. Even though I got my cut before I left for boot camp, they gave me a new haircut and more body weight..lol.

I kept that hair cut for awhile.

Now lets fast forward to May 2009. I came across a random natural hair care blog. I was overwhelmed, curious, and excited to learn so many new things about hair. Not to mention to see other women like me. I would go from one blog to the next just soaking in all the new information that I was learning. I wasn’t looking into growing my hair, just looking for HEALTHY hair.

I started with a neck length mane.

I started doing more co-washes, deep conditioning, & I made it a point to document my growth if I had any.

June 2009

October 2009

December 2009

I was so happy with the progress that I was making. I was even more confident in wearing natural styles.

So what’s my hair like now?? 90% of the time I wear my hair in my beloved beanies. I have like a gajillion of them..lol.

I like to keep my hair protected 🙂

8% of the time I wear my hair in a natural hair style.

The last 2% is for when I flat iron it once every month or 2, just to trim it and to see my length.

I still frequent all the same blogs I did a year ago. You can never learn too much about hair care..lol. I still don’t have any goals with my hair. Just to continue to keep it healthy.

Just thought I’d share 🙂

Santana Maria