all it takes is a lil’ practice.

Posted on August 4, 2010


It seems like just yesterday I was google’n makeup tips, how-to’s, etc. I took a huge interest in makeup and beauty in early Oct ’09.  Boy, have I made lots of progress. I went from not knowing anything.

the woe's of badddd blending.

To learning how to blend and what works best for me. I thank many blogs and vlogs for everything that I have learned. In less than a year, I’d say I have made some progress.

super progress! (thats sugarpill on the eye by the way )


Don’t get it twisted. I STILL don’t know much. There’s lots that I need to learn. For all the beginner makeup beauties out there, don’t fret. Makeup in the magazines and on tv is not hard to mimic. In fact, you might learn to be better than them with a little bit of practice. The more I learn, the more you will learn.


-Santana Maria